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Welcome to Ambassadors` Courtyards!

  It's a place with all the pleasures and comforts of home, without the hassles of mowing the lawn, preparing meals, dealing with household repairs or utility bills.  It's a place you can call home!

 Ambassadors' Courtyards is an apartment community for senior adults wanting to enjoy a rewarding life away from the rigors of home ownership. Let us take care of the cooking, cleaning and yard work so you can focus on other, more important pursuits like spending quality time with those you love.

 Ambassadors' Courtyards is a social community where you can meet new friends, enjoy invigorating activities, social gatherings or just relaxing with a good book in your apartment or in our beautiful courtyard near the koi pond. It's all up to you.

 Unlike our competitors, we are NOT a "level of care" based community. We offer all of the same amenities and care with no extra fee added to your rent. Our monthly fee is all inclusive instead of paying a higher price for increased levels of care needed.

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